Our Clients

Being a Moppify Premium™ client gives you first dibs on any cleaner you like. Save time booking and relax knowing your home will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Save time having to remember to book your cleaning every time you want to spruce up. Your time is better spent relaxing.

Set it and forget it. Your busy, we get it. We will keep your regular scheduled cleaning until you tell us to stop!

Our Premium clients receive a discount for life. Seriously.

Save money and enjoy premium services? It’s kinda a no brainer!

Cancel Anytime!

Moving across the country? Going on a three-month expedition across Europe? There is no long-term contract. You aren't buying a new car. If you would like to discontinue services at any time simply give us a call and cancel. No hard feelings.

Easy & Simple – No Contract

Pros - A clean home, on a regular basis, at a discount. | Cons - Ditto.

How much do I save?

The more often you receive cleanings the more you save! Talk about a win-win situation.

  • 15 $ Save Weekly

  • Recieve $15 off

    Weekly Cleaning

    Set schedule
  • 10 $ Save Bi-Weekly

  • Recieve $10 off

    Bi-Weekly Cleaning

    Set schedule
  • 5 $ Save Monthly

  • Recieve $5 off

    Weekly Cleaning

    Set schedule

I’m sold. Let’s get started!

Signing up only takes 2 minutes online. Or if you have already booked with us before int the past simply give us a call and we can set you up in 30 seconds.

Still not sold?

Have more questions? No problem we have a support staff waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Support operators are standing by 310-957-5414

Support emails are always welcome. Drop us a line at support@moppify.com